Cooked and smoked sausage

Rows of sausages hanging in a production facility.
Grill sausage

Our smoking chambers are perfect for flavoring and processing grilled sausages. The smoke chambers unique alternating flat system that continuously change the air circulation across the product, ensures an even color and weight reduction.

Three fresh sausages on white background.
Chorizo / Kabanos / Bratwurst

Richly spiced sausages with high meat content. A quality product that requires precise control of the process, temperature and humidity. Everything is continuously regulated by a microprocessor from Protech.

Stack of fresh hot dogs on white.
Skinless sausage

Protech unique air circulation ensures fast processing with minimal weight reduction and consistent color. For optimum production, the cabinet can be combined with a separate cooling zone and transportation system.

Pile of orange mini cocktail sausages on white background.
Cocktail sausage

The smoke chambers are generously sized, this ensures that a considerable production quantity can be reached in a smaller time frame. Our high quality all steel construction ensures total stability with minimal maintenance. A microcontroller takes care of the entire production.

Five sliced carrots arranged in a curve on white background.
Wiener sausage

Our systems are fully programmable, this means that it can be programmed to suit any kind of smoked product such as speciality sausages that gets flavored smoke evenly added to large volumes, ensuring that unique taste for your product.

Cooked products

Orange twisted balloon on white background.

The famous mortadella is a popular choice worldwide because it’s both economical and have a long shelf life, and because of these qualities – high quality production facilities must be ensured. Our production machinery, heating and cold processing are of the highest standards and help you ensure that all requirements are met.

Cube of pink mortadella on white background.

High quality products for consumption requires a strict bacteriological control, so we offer a no-comprimise solution for a stable temperature and environment for your products, killing bacteria with heat, quickly and efficiently without any comprimise on quality, weight or taste.

Smoked bacon and ham

Racks of smoked pork ribs hanging in a smoker.

Bacon is one of the most popular products in the world, with so much competition our smoke chambers help you stay ahead. Minimal weightloss is of utmost importance ensuring both low cost, stable delivery and high volume production without comprimising on quality.

Sliced smoked ham on white background.
Loin of pork

Juicy and full of flavor, our cooking equipment makes sure every single loin of pork stays exactly like that thorough the entire smoking and cooling process. Our stainless steel chambers are equipped with temperature sensors and air flow controllers to ensure that the production quality stays high and even.

Whole cooked ham on white background.
Smoked ham

Smoked ham is a popular choice for restaurants, cantinas and hotels all over the world, our food machinery and smoke chambers is the no#1 choice for high volume production and minimal weight loss. The tight all-welded stainless steel construction ensures that your hams are perfect and tasty every time and with every production.

Raw sausage/ham

Cured sausages hanging in meat aging room.

By installing a cooling coil, the equipment becomes a combined hot and cold smoke chamber in which the fermentation and cold smoking process can take place. This is perfect for the production of salami as it needs an accurate dry and smoke environment throughout the entire process.

Sliced cured ham on white background.

Whole muscle ham is salted, dried and cold smoked for several days to mature and get their flavorful character, this requires a smoke chamber with significant performance.