Protech has developed machines, systems and a cleaning agent that are adapted for the “up to date” food industry and its production. Protech Foam.

Protech Foam is a strong alkaline foam cleaning agent especially developed for cleaning of smoke chambers and smoke trolleys. Its qualities are adapted for an efficient removal of tar and soot which can arise during the process by a modern smoke technique.

Automatic washing system for smoke- and cooking chamber’s. The CIP system is controlled from the chambers microprocessor which makes it possible to wash unattended. The equipment consists of a central pump, buffer tank for water and dosage pump for detergent. Nozzles placed in the whole chamber guarantee an efficient cleaning where no manual washing is needed.

The smoke stick washer is designed to wash sticks, slaughter hooks and all other small metal tools used in the food processing. The washer has a compact drum construction giving an exceptional persistence of the machine and optimum washing condition.

This automatic trolley washer allows you to wash trolleys and nets at the same time. It has a movable washing ramp with flushing nozzles that move back and forth. Carts are pasteurised with steam after washing. With our built-in water recirculation system, it consumes minimal water. The wash has a built-in transport system that eliminates the need to move the trolleys manually in the cabinet. It has a capacity of up to 4 trolleys with nets in 15 minutes.

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